clinic address

Bethel Health Center
1525 Echo Hollow Road
Suite A
Eugene, OR 97402

Hours: Monday-Thursday
8:30am – 5:00pm

Phone: (541) 607-1430
Fax: (541) 607-1429

Bethel Health Center


—Same and next day appointments are available—

Walk-ins: Bethel students with acute medical needs may be accommodated on a walk-in basis. 

Parents or guardians must accompany students under 15. Students 15 and older may consent for their own medical appointments and do not need to be accompanied by parents.

Health Center Services

The Bethel Health Center provides many services, including:

  • Appointments for common ailments

  • Immunizations

  • Physicals (work/camp)

  • Medication management (prescriptions, asthma treatments, blood sugar maintenance, etc.)

  • Mental health services

  • Vision screenings


The Bethel Health Center is able to bill all major insurance companies for services provided. Copay will be collected at the time of the visit. We also bill Medicare, Medicaid and OHP. 

For those without insurance, there is a sliding scale fee based on family size. The minimum office visit charge is $20. 

Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance

Application assistance is available for families that are interested in applying for health insurance. Call a certified application assister directly at 541-682-3585. Be sure to leave a detailed message with your name and callback number. You can also visit for more information.