School-Based Health Centers of Eugene/Springfield

Helping Students be Healthy and Successful



School-based health centers of Eugene and Springfield are working together to increase awareness and access to health services focused on the needs of students. Bethel, Eugene and Springfield School Districts each have health centers conveniently located on high school campuses that make healthcare easy for youth - both insured and uninsured. Illness and injury visits, wellness and sports physicals, immunizations and behavioral health services are all available at each location.

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North Eugene



Stay Healthy this Summer

Check out these reminders about how to stay healthy and safe this summer:

Sports Physical vs. Wellness Exam

Find out the difference between a basic physical and a wellness exam and what you should expect with both:

Depression Information for Teens

Being a teen has its ups and downs. Your body and brain are changing, and this can affect your thoughts, how you learn, and your behavior. It is a normal response to stress to have emotional ups and downs. Here is some helpful information about what you can do to get and give help: 

Tips to Ease Stress

Though academic and social pressures continue to pile on in school, teenagers can be taught effective coping skills to avoid the pitfalls of anxiety and depression. Here are our top ten stress busters that can help manage stress, and change or reduce our bodies response to stress:

Immunizations At-a-Glance

There are required immunizations at every age. Here is an at-a-glance guide so your child is ready for at attend school: